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A toll free number gives you instant credibility and makes it easy for your customers to contact you. With Lincoln Communications you can choose from a large selection of standard toll free numbers or choose an easy to remember vanity number from the newly released 855 toll free prefix.

Features and Benefits
Business Growth with LCG
Business Growth
Gain creditability with customers when you show you are willing to pay for the call. Don't give potential customers a reason to contact someone else who has a toll free number.
National Audience with LCG
National Audience
Establish business nationwide and make it easy for prospects and customers to call from anywhere in the country.
Track Marketing Efforts with LCG
Track Marketing Efforts
Ordering multiple toll free numbers is a cost effective way to gain visibility into which of your marketing campaigns or web properties, drive the most sales.
Convenience with LCG
Easily route your toll-free numbers anywhere including your business, home or mobile device. Every number includes the option of Voicemail that can deliver messages to your inbox via email.
Convenience with LCG
With a few clicks of your mouse you can get a new toll free number instantly or transfer your existing toll free number to the Lincoln Communications network and save.
Save Money with LCG
Cost Effective
Add numbers for employees, remote office and even dedicated lcgFAX numbers.
Can I get a vanity number?
Yes. Now is the perfect time to get a vanity number with the release of the first new toll free prefix in almost ten years - 855. lcgToll Free can help you find a vanity number for your business that your customers won't forget.
Can I save money by transferring my existing toll free number?
Yes. We can port your number onto our network so you can start saving with lcgToll Free.
Are there contracts or hidden fees?
No. With Lincoln Communications there are no contracts or hidden fees.
Are there limits on the number of lcgToll Free numbers I can own?
No. You can own as many numbers as you need. Improve your marketing campaigns by assigning them each a unique toll free number.
Can I get a toll free lcgFax number?
Yes. Get the advantages of a Toll free lcgFax number here*.

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