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Want to position your company to benefit from the immediate, personal and mobile nature of texting? lcgSMS is the answer!

Lincoln Communications is proud to provide a first of its kind tool for businesses that recognize the importance of SMS as a customer communication channel. With lcgSMS you can communicate via text with prospects and customers without an expensive carrier data plan or mobile phone.

lcgSMS can be used to text enable an iPad, iPod touch, Mac or PC (desktop or laptop) so whether you are at the office or on the road you can leverage the fastest growing communication channel ever. As always there are no contracts or minimums with Lincoln Communications so get ahead of the pack and order lcgSMS today.

Features and Benefits
Send and recieve Text with LCG
Receive and Send Text
With lcgSMS you can send and receive text from an iPad, iPod Touch, PC or Mac (desktop of laptop).
Business Growth with LCG
Business Growth
Text enabling your local direct inward dial (DID) phone number allows you to engage immediately in a live "chat" with a prospect or use our auto-responder to deliver a customized message with links to a site you designate. An undeniable benefit is that you capture the prospects cell phone for follow up at your convenience.
Add Aditional Lines with LCG
Add additional lines
lcgSMS goes beyond texting and gives you the ability to add additional lines that can ring to a number of your choosing including your office or mobile device.
Save Money with LCG
Cost Effective
We offer a variety of plans to meet your business or individual needs and as always they are designed to deliver value and savings to help protect your bottom line. In addition lcgSMS is a more affordable text option than any of the major cariers.
How does lcgSMS work?
You advertise your phone number (choose one of our direct inward dial (DID) numbers or keep your existing number and port it onto our network) as SMS enabled and when a text is sent from a cell phone we convert it and deliver it to the app on your desktop, laptop, iPad, iPod touch or other mobile device. This allows you to engage in a normal text conversation without the use of a mobile phone that requires an expensive carrier text plan.
Is there a limit to the number of devices I can enable?
No. You can enable multiple devices and support multiple numbers with one lcgSMS account.
Is there an app?
As the saying goes, there's an app for that. Call 855.524.8655 for details.

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