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Local Presence (RCF)

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Looking to expand your presence or try a new market? All you need is a local presence number from Lincoln Communications and you are in business. Our Remote Call Forward (RCF) services give you the coverage you need with numbers available in 93% of the United States, all at a price you can afford.

Features and Benefits
Save Money with LCG
Save Money
With savings up to 70% over the major carriers remote call forward plans, you can afford to fuel your growth with additional local presence numbers from Lincoln Communications.
Drive Growth with LCG
Drive Growth
Entering new markets has never been easier and with service in more than 7,000 rate centers across the US and Canada, Lincoln Communications has you covered.
Add Customers with LCG
Add Customers
Everyone likes to support a local business. Increase your market penetration when you advertise your local number from Lincoln Communications.
Target Marketing with LCG
Target Marketing
Use local presence numbers to support and track unique marketing campaigns
How does a local presence number work?
You select a local direct inward dial number (DID) from the city of your choice and then that number is routed remotely to the number of your choosing. Our remote call forward (RCF) service gives you the ability to have a local presence in more than 93% of the United States.
Are there limits to how many local presence numbers I can have?
No. You can sign up for as many local presence numbers in as many locations as you need to successfully grow your business.
How can a local presence benefit my business?
Hundreds of thousands of business across the country successfully use local presence numbers to drive business in locations they can not afford to have the overhead associated with an office. Think of your local plumber or electrician. Do they really have an office in your neighborhood? Chances are, they are using a local presence number which enables you to make a local call. After all people like to do business with a local company and with plans to fit any size business, Lincoln Communications supports your opportunity for growth.
Do I have to forward a local presence number?
No. You choose if you want the number to ring through to the line of your choosing or utilize the included voicemail solution that delivers messages directly to an email account you designate. The choice is yours.
What else can I do with a local presence number?
How about adding a second line to your cell phone without the carrier costs? How about text enabling an iPad or iPod Touch? These are just some of the exciting capabilities that Lincoln Communications delivers with lcgSMS. For additional details please click here.

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