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Can I receive and send faxes?

Yes. You can receive and view your faxes in your email or the lcgFax secure portal from any browser. Outgoing faxes can be sent directly from your email (outlook, apple mail, etc.), the lcgFax secure portal or your desktop.

What about large faxes?

Unlike a lot of internet faxes that are built on voice over IP (VOIP) solutions, lcgFAX is built on a fully redundant and robust TDM network that ensures that your fax documents are secure and are delivered quickly, with the highest quality.

Do I need a computer?

No. lcgFax gives you the capability to send and receive faxes from your desktop, laptop, mobile device, iPad or anywhere you access your email.

Can I keep my current fax number?

Yes. Lincoln Communications can port your number onto our network and you won't have to send out any annoying change of number notifications to your customers.

How long can I access my faxes online?

lcgFax comes with unlimited on line storage at no additional charge.

Are toll free numbers available?

Yes. Not only can you sign up for a toll free lcgFax there are no extra fees.

lcgToll Free

Can I get a vanity number?

Yes. Now is the perfect time to get a vanity number with the release of the first new toll free prefix in almost ten years - 855. lcgToll Free can help you find a vanity number for your business that your customers won't forget.

Can I save money by transferring my existing toll free number?

Yes. We can port your number onto our network so you can start saving with lcgToll Free.

Are there contracts or hidden fees?

No. With Lincoln Communications there are no contracts or hidden fees.

Are there limits on the number of lcgToll Free numbers I can own?

No. You can own as many numbers as you need. Improve your marketing campaigns by assigning them each a unique toll free number.

Can I get a toll free lcgFax number?

Yes. Get the advantages of a Toll free lcgFax number here*.


How does a local presence number work?

You select a local direct inward dial number (DID) from the city of your choice and then that number is routed remotely to the number of your choosing. Our remote call forward (RCF) service gives you the ability to have a local presence in more than 93% of the United States.

Are there limits to how many local presence numbers I can have?

No. You can sign up for as many local presence numbers in as many locations as you need to successfully grow your business.

How can a local presence benefit my business

Hundreds of thousands of business across the country successfully use local presence numbers to drive business in locations they can not afford to have the overhead associated with an office. Think of your local plumber or electrician. Do they really have an office in your neighborhood? Chances are, they are using a local presence number which enables you to make a local call. After all people like to do business with a local company and with plans to fit any size business, Lincoln Communications supports your opportunity for growth.

Do I have to forward a local presence number?

No. You choose if you want the number to ring through to the line of your choosing or utilize the included voicemail solution that delivers messages directly to an email account you designate. The choice is yours.

What else can I do with a local presence number?

How about adding a second line to your cell phone without the carrier costs? How about text enabling an iPad or iPod Touch? These are just some of the exciting capabilities that Lincoln Communications delivers with lcgSMS. For additional details please click here.*


How does lcgSMS work?

You advertise your phone number (choose one of our direct inward dial (DID) numbers or keep your existing number and port it onto our network) as SMS enabled and when a text is sent from a cell phone we convert it and deliver it to the app on your desktop, laptop, iPad, iPod touch or other mobile device. This allows you to engage in a normal text conversation without the use of a mobile phone that requires an expensive carrier text plan.

Is there a limit to the number of devices I can enable?

No. You can enable multiple devices and support multiple numbers with one lcgSMS account.

Is there an app?

As the saying goes, there's an app for that. Details here*.

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